Friday, November 14, 2008

Ay Chihuahua!

Well all I can say is…..Ay Chihuahua!
Stitch has seen lots of pretty girls, lots of funny girls, lots of bad girls, smart girls, and nice girls… but one tops all the lists. My new friend Jamie Lee Curtis is the fairest of them all!
If you ever get to see or meet Jamie you would not be disappointed. Stitch went to see her in person at the book signing of her latest book, “Big words for little people”.
It is a very good book, made even better when read by the author herself. Jamie acted, did impressions, read the book to us, and signed books for everyone. Stitch was one of only 3 people that Jamie actually posed with. She even said that Lilo and Stitch’s movie was one of her favorites! Also watch Jamie in her latest movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua where she plays Aunt Bev the owner of Chloe, played by another good friend of mine Angel.

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