Friday, October 16, 2009

Elvis Stitch is in the Building for Xmas

Elvis Stitch ornament (2009) available in Disney Stores now. Stage and Marquee S, not included.

Elvis Stitch looking toward the audience.

Stitch ornament without stage background.

Hello Stitch fans!

Stitch's Adventure Club just wanted to give Stitch fans in North America the 411. In Stores now, for the holidays at your local Disney Store (North America only-for sure) is a cute Elvis Stitch Ornament for your Christmas or Holiday tree.

We at Stitch's Adventure Club like ornaments for year around decorations, it doesn't just have to be for Seasonal Decor. We especially appreciate the holiday neutrality of the Stitch ornament. Stitch dressed in a sparkly white jump suit with his guitar.

The price of the fashionably cute decoration is USA $9.50 CAN $12.50.

Disney Store's North America also have in stores a cute Stitch stocking and winter plush, but photos and prices are not available from us at this time. Call your local Disney Store or stop in for details.

We feel Stitch merchandise announcements in North America are very important, since Disney in the USA seems to have something against Mr. Stitch. Since we are based in the middle of the country for the most part, we do our best to give updates.

Aloha for now Stitch fans.

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