Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stitch: Party Crasher!

Stitch at the controls of the Disney Magic during the Panama Canal Cruise (don't ask how he did it. Just remember, Stitch is Amazing!)

Stitch at the Captain's Desk. Captain Thord Haugen.

Stitch in one of the dining halls ready to select his meal.

During the 50th Celebration of Disneyland, Stitch crashed the Inaugural Cruise through the Panama Canal back in 2005. Now in 2009 Stitch is going to crash a party; a Disney Cruise Line House Party!

One of Stitch’s crew was fortunate enough to get selected as a House Party host. Well unfortunate for them, Stitch is going to crash that party, just like the Disney Magic.

So on November 14, Stitch is takin’ over a House Party and showing everyone what it is like to be Disney Crusin’, Stitch Style.

For more information on the Disney Cruise Line house party, visit .

For more information about Disney Cruise Line, visit

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