Sunday, December 6, 2009

Longhorns shucked the 'huskers. Take time to smell the Roses

Stitch was hooked to the television last night watching the exciting Big 12 Championship between #3 Texas Longhorns versus the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Stitch was trying to break away for some coconut cake and coffee because it was so cold, but couldn’t because of the exciting nailbitter. Instead he ate up all of the Cheetos and his face was UT Orange.

He was very excited his friend Hunter Lawrence kicked the final field goal to let them win. Along with Colt McCoy being the winningest QB in Collegiate football history, I think Hunter has placed himself as a Legend in Texas Longhorn football history.

After the exciting win, Stitch decided to go celebrate with the rest of the UT football fans at the University of Texas Tower, glowing Orange. He even took his picture there.

Stitch would like to congratulate the Longhorns for their 2009 Big 12 championship win.

Hook ‘Em Horns!

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