Monday, March 15, 2010

The beginning of the Cork Board of Fame Wallpaper Collection

We at Stitch’s Adventure Club, pondered the question “What would be an interesting way to show who Stitch has met? What we came up with is the beginning of the Cork Board of Fame Desktop wallpaper collection. It is a way for Stitch to share his photos of celebs without having someone pirate them. Stitch worries about Space pirates stealing his photos. We told him not to worry, but he wouldn’t listen. We finally talked him into unlocking his photos for this wallpaper project.

The first of the Stitch’s Cork Board of Fame, shows Stitch with a few of his most memorable celebrity experiences (at least the ones he wanted to show first) and a few knickknacks. Celebrities included are Willie Nelson (musician) , Rachael Ray (celebrity chef / author), Barbara Walters (news anchor), Cal Ripken Jr. (baseball player), and Anne Geddes (photographer). He then got a little fame envious and decided to autograph his own cork board. What was he thinking?

If you are going to use our wallpaper, it is strictly for Entertainment, non-commercial use only. Meaning you can only use it on your own computer, and you cannot make anything else out of it to sell, distribute or share anywhere. Please only use it for desktop wallpaper.

Also we hold no liability if some incident happens because you load it on your computer. All due diligence was done to make the file safe to use. We told Stitch not to do anything weird to the files, but you never know when Jumbaa messes around, no one knows what can happen.

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