Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disney Stores promote Earth Day 2010 with a freebie

Disney Stores, tomorrow (April 22, 2010) on the 40th Anniversary of the Earth Day celebration, are reaching out to Disney peeps throughout the US and Canada to promote saving the Earth and it's oceans. If you have a Disney Store in a shopping mall near you, bring 6 plastic recyclable bottles and you can get a free baseball cap for free (limit one per guest). It is a children's sized hat, but often times the "children's sized hats fit just depends.

The hat is blue (like Stitch) and says "Disney Friends for Change, make a wave". It is also made from 100% recycled materials and one website we read said it was made from the equivalent of 6 plastic bottles (we don't know if that is true though).

After you get your free hat, wear it in style and go see Disney's Earth Day release of Oceans in movie theatres. Oceans looks like a very cool movie about all Stitch's friends that live in the Ocean like Crush and Squirt. Dude, like totally, we need to save their home so we have good surfing.

So check out the Disney Store for your free (6 plastic recycleable bottles) ball cap and then head over to the movies to see Oceans.

We will try our best to get pictures tomorrow.


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