Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stitch in San Francisco for the new Disney Store!

Today Stitch journeyed to the New Imagination Park concept Disney Store in the Union Square District of San Francisco (more specifically 39 Stockton Street). Technically it has been open since Oct (soft opening) and supposedly today the Grand, but we are not all that sure. Heck Stitch got his Wrangler’s ears, so does it really matter? ;)

Stitch was really excited to see a couple Make A Wish children open the Store with the Key to Imagination. What a special moment for the children!

At this store there are some really cool spaces for little magic makers to explore: deck out your own Disney Car, a princess area, and Stitch’s favs the coloring station with projection movies. Playing when Stitch was there, Mater Tales, “If I’m lying I’m cry’n.”

Cast Member Jason was especially awesome. He told Stitch about the Christmas tree going up in Union Square, so we had to get a picture! Thanks Jason for letting us know!

After the D.S., Stitch walked to Union Square to see the tree and then Wrangler Scorch drove to Pier 39 and let Stitch out there. Got some more pictures to share there.

This was a very special week in San Francisco history. We at Stitch’s Adventure Club would like to give special props, to the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants. This is the very first time the Giants as San Francisco Giants have gone all the way. Thank you to the S.F. Giants for making the entire Bay Area, not just Frisco, very proud.

Stitch loves the Giants (well he loves Texas –the state too. If you have seen past posts you know what we are talking about, but he has actually been to a couple of Giants games, so he loves them more. And let’s face it, the Giants are just more AWESOME). A side note: Stitch wants to meet Fear the Beard and the Machine (or anyone on the Giants for that matter). Anyone out there that can make that happen, find us!

Stitch watching on the stairs the opening of the store with the Key of Imagination!

Stitch climbing on the fence of the area around Union Square, while they were putting up the tree. Crazy Stitch.

Stitch trying to get a picture of the famous Sea Lions of Pier 39 in the background. This year it was their 25th year of pier livin'. There aren't too many. :( Come back Sea Lions.

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