Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Retrospective: Stitch Escaped Florida!!

On May 14, 2005 Stitch escaped Walt Disney World and snuck on board the Disney Magic. Stitch had been anxious to travel, and had heard that there was a Disney Cruise all the way to Los Angeles. Stitch stowed away on the Disney Magic on the 14 Day Repositioning Voyage from Port Canaveral, Florida to Los Angeles, California.

Stitch wasn’t very long to contain himself as he started aboard the ship making friends with passengers, cast members, crew, and even celebrities. He hobnobbed with most of the celebrities on board ship and even made a guest appearance during Bob Saget’s first performance.

Passengers on board the ship experienced an unusually rocky day at sea. Little did they know it was not due to rough seas, but to the rough seamanship of Captain Stitch. Stitch had taken over the ship! He took the helm and even attempted to do Captain Thord’s reports in his office. Once Stitch left his duties on the Bridge and went back to socializing, things went back to normal, at least on the Bridge.

Stitch traveled from Orlando through the Panama Canal to Los Angeles and made appearances at all the ports of call, making friends all along the way. On arrival in the Los Angeles, he visited Disneyland and started celebrating the kick-off of Disneyland’s 50th with all his friends.

Stitch taken from the audience. On Stage with Bob Saget.

Stitch at the throttle of the Disney Magic. Watch out, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Stitch after doing paper work on Captain Thord's desk.

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