Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stitch braves the infamous “Beverly”

Stitch has never been to the World of Coke in Atlanta, but often travels to WDW. Stitch Wrangler Scorch and Stitch recently were at Walt Disney World’s Epcot and thought they would wonder into Club Cool located in Innovations Hosted By Coca-Cola for some free soft drink samplings from around the World.

Stitch and Scorch had heard some interesting things on a flavor called “Beverly”. Beverly is a flavor of carbonated beverage produced by Coca-Cola in Italy. It is considered an aperitif. And Apertif is a beverage that is used to make you have an appetite and served before a meal (Which was great since we wondered into Club Cool before lunch).
Scorch has been to World of Coke in Atlanta and had avoided it. Stitch talked Scorch into finally trying the infamous flavor in Florida. Much to Scorch’s surprise, it wasn’t THAT bad. It was just….different. Stitch also tried it and it was his favorite drink of the day (must be those alien taste buds).

FUN FACT about Beverly: The drink contains an ingredient called quinine. This ingredient under UV light (aka Black light) will glow.

Stitch in front of Club Cool At Epcot's Innovations Plaza sporting his cool Pluto hat.

Stitch pressing the button of the Beverly flavor.
Stitch getting ready to sample Mezzo Mix.

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