Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary to Lilo and Stitch & Stitch’s Adventure Club

Now folks before there is an argument, there is a little discrepancy as to when Lilo and Stitch’s official release was.  It was either June 21st, 2002 or June 22nd, 2002 (but we really think it was the 21st).  Now there are several places that  have different dates, including pins, and books, so we are just going with both as the non-committal answer and posting our anniversary post sort of in between the two to be safe. ;)

We at Stitch’s Adventure Club are amazed at all of the Adventures we have been on since being introduced to the most awesome character Stitch and hope for many more fantastic adventures.
We also would like to give a shout out to Stitch’s voice and creator, Chris Sanders.  Without him, stitch would have never been born.

On behalf of our club we would like to thank you for being a fan of Lilo and Stitch, and most importantly Stitch and for you to urge the Walt Disney family of Companies to share their love of Stitch and produce more products, and programing.  IF he is out of sight, he can become out of mind, and we wouldn’t want that.  He has lasted for 10 bodacious years; let’s hope here lasts for many more decades to come.

Thanks again Stitch fans. And enjoy our 10 year retrospective collage of our club (an abbreviated version).

Wrangler Scorch, Wrangler Mayhem, Mystery Wranglers (you know who you are) and the most awesome (plush) Stitch

 Our photo collage of some of our most awesome things.  With Boyz2Men, Barbara Walters, Danny DeVito, Rachel Ray, Anne Geddes, and many more experiences including visiting Miami Beach, Disney Cruise, route 66, etc.

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