Saturday, June 15, 2013

School is in session @ Monsters University

Stitch went to Disney Store Campus 626 for Monsters University School of Scaring orientation today.  He learned Scare Approaches 101.  During enrollment, future monsters receive a Student Identification card.  You are then introduced to how to scare like a true monster.  Upon completion of the course you receive a Monsters University pennant for your monster dorm room.
Special Thanks to Professor Shannon, Professor Jaye and Professor Ivette @ campus 626 for allowing Stitch to participate in class today with his human, Stitch Wrangler Scorch.

Stitch had an awesome time.  Next weekend classes at a Disney Store campus near you is on June 22 and June 29.  Don’t miss out on how to scare like a monster.

Monsters University opens on June 21st.  Stitch got a sneak peak of this movie and though the peeps in charge told us not to talk about the movie in writing until opening day, we will tell you to go see it!
See Monsters University on June 21 and then go to your nearest Disney Store on June 22 and participate in Scare Approaches 101. See you in class!

Stitch in front of the Monsters University banner.

Stitch with his Student ID card and pennant.

Stitch in front of class screen and plush mountain.

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