Friday, September 26, 2008

Disney's Upcoming Movies (2008 - 2012)

Stitch’s friends at Disney has just released movie release information for future releases. Yea! Stitch likes movies (especially popcorn).


• Bolt (November 26) – Bolt is Super Dog like me! Oh wait, I am an alien that acts like a dog. And Bolt is an Acting Dog
• Tinker bell (DVD release on October 28) – Stitch will hear Tink for the very first time.


• Up (Summer) – Pixar’s first 3-D Feature. Stitch hopes they give out cool glasses like they did for Chicken Little 3-D.
• Toy Story in 3-D (October 2)
• The Princess and the Frog (Christmas Day) - I hear Oprah is in this one. I hope to meet her someday and the starring frog too. I have lots of frog friends, but one really good one.
• Tinker bell North of Never Land (DVD release)


• Toy Story 2 in 3-D ( February 12)
• Toy Story 3 (June 18) – Disney? Can we have space helmets to view the 3-D movie? Stitch needs a space helmet.
• Rapunzel (Christmas) – Can someone get me a wig?
• Tinker Bell A Midsummer Storm (DVD release)


• Newt (Summer) – Are Newts like frogs? Stitch thinks they are. Hmm..I hope Newt doesn’t want to fly my BRB (Big Red Battleship).
• The Bear and the Bow (Christmas) – Pixar’s first Fairy Tale. With every good fairy tale, there must be a Happily Ever Stitch After. hehehe I wonder if I will be asked to film commercials again. Probably not. Last time Stitch had high badness level and the Princesses were mad at Stitch.
• Tinker Bell A Winter Story (DVD release)


• Cars 2 (Summer) – My BRB is back! Only kidding. That is Lightning McQueen, not my BRB.
• King of the Elves (Christmas)

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