Friday, September 19, 2008

Free park admission on your birthday in 2009


There is nothing Stitch likes more than Disney, except maybe free stuff. Flor-i-da is one of my homes, and holds a special place for me there. For the 2009 Disney season, they are celebrating BIRTHDAYS, yea! Stitch likes birthdays, especially coconut cake. Yummy. Disney Theme Parks is giving a birthday gift for people who celebrate their real birthday day at their US Theme Parks and those that sign up online. What is Disney giving as a gift? Free admission to a park. Yea!

The only thing about the Disney gift, is that you have to sign up online, and be there on your birthday. Nothing like a birthday at Disney. You get your specially birthday button or sticker (at City Hall) and have everyone treat you special.

If you are planning a birthday celebration at a Disney Theme Park (in the United States) for 2009, sign up on line and get your gift.

Even Lilo, who has an annual pass, can receive a gift (for passholders who already paid for admission throughout the year). It isn't free admission, but they have other options for passholders and multi-day pass people. Disney thought of everything this time. Good job theme park people.

Aloha for now.


P.S. Click on the title of this blog, and it will take you to the Disney site to sign up. Good Luck, and Happy Birthday in 2009.

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