Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear Stitch!

Dear Stitch,
When you address the readers you make it sound oh so simple!
Girls and Boys, there is a lot of preparation involved in pulling off some of Stitch's adventures and stunts. First of all, we want not only for Stitch to have a good time but also for Stitch to be safe. Stitch is a well trained stunt man, and a virtual indestructible terror. Some of his antics are not to be tried at home!
Always the places have to be explored ahead of time, or as they say, we have to case the joint! We have to prepare Stitch's wardrobe according to the occasion. We would not want to have Stitch show up in a tux at a football game or in a football outfit at a fancy Gala. We have to have the appropriate safety harness or retrieval method should Stitch fall or have to be pulled from a dangerous situation (you will see some of these in the future, trust me). We have to make sure he is always fed, courteous, and friendly. Stitch is also not allowed to go with any strangers. Only by being cute and fluffy does Stitch make nice friends and is allowed to get his picture taken with his celebrity friends.
Until next time, be safe!

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