Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stitch Attends “Surfer, Dude” Premiere starring Matthew McConaughey

Stitch attended the premier one of Stitch’s friend’s new movie, Surfer, Dude. Stitch’s, Matthew McConaughey, was very busy hobnobbing with other celebrities there, like Woody Harrelson, so Stitch did not think he would get to see his friend up close. Stitch got to see the red carpet entrance made by the stars and also got to go down the red carpet for his own picture. After the movie Stitch got to see Matthew backstage and take a picture with him. Sorry that my wrangler was not too prepared because it was dark back there and the picture did not come out real good. Stitch will have to see Matthew again sometime and take picture of his better side.

Stitch’s movie review: Being a surfer dude myself, Stitch was really excited to see the movie. Stitch found out the movie was not Surfer Dude, like Stitch, but Surfer, Dude! There was lots of surfing. Stitch did have to cover his eyes with his ears several times during the movie because my wrangler said there were things that children should not see. It is rated R. Stitch just got lucky to get in since I am a dog and a friend of Matthew’s. The costume budget wasn’t very big for this movie as Matthew only wore his one bathing suit. Stitch has much bigger wardrobe than that!

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