Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My meeting with Rachael Ray, Cooking Goddess!

Aloha fans:

Today I thought I would write about an adventure from the past. This adventure was about a year ago.

I was at the end of a beautiful trip in Austin Texas, when one of my wranglers, I believe it was Scorch, saw an announcement for Rachael Ray. Rachael Ray was coming to Austin for a book signing!!! I have met lots of people, but being the international celebrity that I am, had never met Rachael. What is a blue experiment to do? Well since both of my Wranglers are experts at getting me places, I told them I wanted to meet Rachael. Scorch told me “I don’t think that is going to happen Stitch.” While Mayhem insisted that we would make contact with the 30 minute, cooking goddess. That was more like it!

Well, first off in the adventure, finding out details. Well we found out when and where. That is always a good sign. But then the bad news hit. The tickets were sold out for the signing. That wasn’t good for Stitch. Stitch wanted a signed book. Stitch wasn’t happy.

Normally that would stop someone. That kind of thing does not stop my wranglers. My Wranglers are experts in getting me to where I need to be. And I needed to meet Rachael Ray!

So instead of worrying about how, WE worried about what I would wear. Wrangler Scorch and Wrangler Mayhem went back and forth about what the great Chef Stitchini would wear. Then they asked me about ideas. What was a key ingredient in the image of Rachael Ray? Well since I looove Rachael, I told them EVOO. Neither one knew what I was talking about. EVOO? Scorch asked with a weird look. EVOO for those of you who don’t know is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Scorch proceeds to say “How about a Tshirt that says “I (heart symbol) EVOO?”

Mayhem and I agreed on the suggestion. Mayhem added “Why don’t we make the first O an olive graphic?” Geniuses I have on my team!

Mayhem then Stitchineers (see definition from previous blog) one of the infamous shirts with sharpie and scotch tape. If my tales of adventures were going in order, you would know that this is not the first shirt made from scotch tape and sharpie. But those stories are for another post. Stitch moves on.

So I love the finished shirt. But I as the dapper Stitch felt incomplete. Again Scorch recommends I use my chef hat and spoon sent to me by good my friend Chef Remy. Yes, you are thinking correctly (Chef Remy of Ratatouille fame). Another Great Idea! The outfit was complete: pants (just some any ole’ pants), EVOO shirt, chef hat and spoon. I was ready to meet Rachael.

During the rest of the days, my Wranglers were hard at work making arrangements and plans. Well on the day of the event, I find out my date is not set with Rachael. Both Wranglers told me, just do as we say, and you will meet Rach. Well I do have complete trust in my Wranglers, so I proceeded to listen. They told me I need to carry a sign. What? Stitch has to carry a sign? Yes, Stitch had to carry a sign. The sign said “Stitch needs a ticket to see Rachael” They taped this sign to my spoon. I felt strange, carrying a spoon with a sign, but my wranglers know what is best. Many of my adoring fans gave a kind “hello” and wished me luck. About midway through the day, a kind fan of me, Stitch, decided to give me one of their extra tickets. And well, the rest is history. Another success at meeting my celebrity friends, and those that have yet to meet me.

Stitch would like to give a special shout out to all the people in line, the people at Sur la Table (for serving me coconut cake and coffee), Rachael Ray, and my Wranglers. This was a really special meeting. I love Rachael Ray and EVOO!


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