Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stitch loves Willie Nelson

Stitch loves Willie Nelson! Stitch thinks Willie has good songs and is a true Rebel (without claws of course). Stitch has made one of Willie's hits an unofficial theme song of the Stitch's Adventure Club. why? Because it fits.

Stitch is always traveling (at least that is the whole point of his Adventure Club), so, On the Road Again, is the obvious choice as an unofficial anthem.

That is why it was so importante for Stitch to meet Willie. Had Stitch known Willie was going to wear black the other night, Stitch would have worn black too (and a cowboy hat). But Stitch is happy anyway.

So as requested by some fans, Stitch is posting a better pic of "Stitch, the tribute artist: Willie Nelson".

Now let Stitch explain, Tribute Artist. The tribute artist, is when me, Stitch, dresses like a famous celebrity using key elements from their known celebrity. For example, Willie is known for his red bandana, braids, and his guitar. and that is how I dressed the other night. Rebel Wrangler Mayhem, knew some extra information about Willie, regarding a run in with the IRS (not the Intergalactic Relocation Service as I first beleived) and the IRS Tapes record, which depicts Willie with a certain phrase on his shirt, that I cannot say. That is why my shirt says "Stitch Happens".

Until next time.... Aloha!

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