Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stitch as balloon art!

Stitch with his art rendering

Stitch as Balloon Art

We at Stitch’s Adventure Club become a little obsessed with Mr. Stitch. Any opportunity we get to get that special one of a kind “Stitch” item we rush at the chance.

Yesterday at a shopping mall, Wrangler Scorch (on her way to the Disney Store) saw a clown making balloon creatures. Wrangler Scorch approached Mr. Bubbs the Clown and asked if he could make Stitch as a balloon animal. With some time and a photo/picture of Stitch, Mr. Bubbs the Clown was able to do a rendering of everyone’s favorite Disney alien, as a balloon dog/alien.

Unfortunately for us, this balloon creation will only last a couple of days, but we have photos that will last a lifetime!

Thanks to Mr. Bubbs the Clown for making a great rendering of our favorite alien.

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