Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stitch's Adventure Club discusses Lilo and Stitch Big Wave Edition

We at Stitch's Adventure Club, obviously LOVE Stitch. All of our Wranglers ran out to grab the latest version of the movie that started it all. Be we realize not every Stitch fan is fanatical like us. For the average fan, during tough economic times, it might not be worth the purchase of the new 2 disc dvd set of Lilo and Stitch.
We hate to break news like this, but unless you are a movie affectionado who loves the behind the scenes 411, you are basically purchasing the original movie (again we assume) and another disc that includes all of the "bonus features".
The run down....
Disk 1 has the original content that you purchased the first time around.
Disk 2 has the process of how Lilo and Stitch was developed, how they cast the voices, raw behind the scenes video, and a few deleted scenes.
It was disappointing in the discovery of what the Big Wave Edition gave fans. We here, love the the fact that Stitch is back in the spotlight, but didn't think it was worth 16-24 bucks to purchase a bonus disk...we did because we are hard core, but for the avergae fan of Stitch or Disney, you really have to be the judge on the value of a bonus disk, if you already own the original.
Aloha for now!
Wrangler Scorch on behalf of the Stitch's Adventure Club

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