Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stitch meets Danny DeVito

It’s Stitch again coming to you from Texas. I took my BRB (Big Red Battleship) over the southern skies back to Austin because I heard that Danny DeVito was going to me in town and I wanted to meet him. I became a fan on his when he did the voice of Phil in the Disney movie Hercules. I also saw him on some reruns of the TV show Taxi and I thought to myself, “I think he is just as short as I am!” Well, he was a little taller than me in person but he was a really nice guy, too.
Danny was in Austin promoting his new adult lemon beverage. Although I was not able to taste it, as it was not age appropriate, my wranglers were able to taste it and liked it. Stitch will get the bottle when it is empty. Danny posed with Stitch and gave Stitch his autograph too!

On a serious note: Stitch wants to give a shout out to his friend from Stitch’s favorite cars blog Alternator Valley (
, Mayor Orlandog Ken. Ken has been in the hospital for a week now and my wranglers and I wish him a speedy recovery. Get zippy zoom-zoom, Ken!

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