Saturday, September 17, 2011

RETROSPECTIVE: Stitch is as American as Chevy, Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie

Stitch is as American as Chevy, Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie. Minus Stitch, that is what these characters were walking around a convention hall promoting. Why not take a pic? Stitch always has a prime photo op where ever he goes. This was at All Star Fest 2007 in wonderful San Francisco. One of our Stitch Wranglers, Wrangler Scorch, is from the SF area and brought Stitch along for a fun filled weekend of baseball themed happenings with his special All Star patch Giants Jersey. How legit is that? And since baseball is getting exciting right now, we wanted to post a fun baseball pic. Good Luck to the San Francisco Giants and all of the teams in a possible birth in the playoffs.

(B-Weezy if you are out there, hear us. We don’t Fear the Beard or The Machine. Stitch and Team wants to meet you. Why? We like you because of your awesomeness and Stitch had a strange dream with you and The Machine. He found his punch buggy (in your beard) and The Machine was driving it along with eating his lost coconut cake and coffee…? Maybe the story was lost in translation, but it makes for a strange animated dream…But we won’t get too off topic of our blog).

Until next time Stitch fans...wish for an awesome new adventure….. (Or maybe a meeting with Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson. We hope someday).

Stitch with Chevy, Baseball, Hot Dog, and Apple Pie. All is American as one can get.

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