Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stitch Desktop Wallpapers for your computer

Stitch’s Adventure Club scours the web for awesome Stitchness. And nothing says awesome like some really chill desktop wallpaper.

WE at Stitch’s Adventure Club do have a pretty hefty Stitch Wallpaper Collection, but due to regulations with downloading them, we aren’t allowed to redistribute them. But on the newer ones, we can share the link.

The following are mostly from the Asia Market. We spend a lot of time just clicking around sites scavenging for the wallpapers and screensavers even if we don’t understand the language. Now we are helping you get right to the goodies.

Disney Japan Disney on Ice (only has a little stitch) -

Disney Japan Disney on Ice Matching Screen Saver -

Disney Japan Stitch Screen Saver home page -

Disney Japan Stitch Wallpaper Home page –

Disney Japan Halloween theme Wallpaper with small stitch -

Purple background Stitch from Hong Kong -

Hong Kong – Stitch Hula animated emoticon -

Hong Kong – Alien Stitch animated emoticon -

Not a wallpaper, but a Stitch pet from Disneyland Resort Paris – My Stitch -

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