Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stitch and Si (or Am) at Halloween Time

Stitch has been to Walt Disney World many times throughout the years. And though we haven’t traveled with him much lately, a few years back we took this photo of Stitch, at then, Disney’s MGM Studios in Florida during Halloween time. Stitch forgot his real Halloween costume, but the cat sure didn't. We aren't sure which cat it is, Si or Am. All we know is that they are Siamese if you please. But at least Stitch was sporting his Hawaiian shirt.

Which get us to thinking, what should Stitch dress up for Halloween this year? There are many options, but what will he be? Wrangler Scorch might have the purrfect costume for Mr. Stitch.

If we find the outfit, and take a photo, you will be the second to know. We will be the first. ;)

Until then, ponder those Halloween carvings of Stitch. We would love for you to share them with us. Maybe we could even share a few on here, if you let us.

Until next time Stitch fans, Aloha!

Stitch hanging out with one of the villain cats. Is it Si or Am? You decide.

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