Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stitch wants to help your Halloween

Stitch’s Adventure Club and Stitch love Halloween. Now is the time to start thinking about buying your pumpkin (s) for your special Halloween carving (s). If you want to have a Stitch themed pumpkin you need to have the pattern if you aren’t artistically inclined to design one yourself.

There are a couple of books out there with Stitch patterns. Last year we found ours at Walgreens. You may want to look there to see if they have a book with a Stitch pattern.

We scoured the internet looking for free Stitch templates for your pumpkin, but we only found one.

Stitch as a Witch -;19

A not so free one. L

Halloween Stitch with Mickey and Friends Screensaver from Disney Japan -

Sorry that we could only find one. Since we love a great Disney Halloween and felt bad about not finding more Stitch themed things, we are hooking you up with direct links for other free Disney Pumpkin carving templates. The economy is tight, and maybe you don’t want to invest in a carving book, so look no further.

Tinker Bell -

Angry Donald -

Devil Donald -

Dracula mickey -

Scared Mickey -

Monsters Inc.

Mike -

Sulley -


Lightning McQueen -

Tow Mater -


Rapunzel -

Ariel -

Cinderella -

Snow White -

Sleeping Beauty -

Jasmine -

Tiana -

Tiana 2 -

Prince for Sleeping Beauty -

Fairy Godmothers -

Malificent -

Dragon -

Winnie The Pooh and friends

Pooh -

Tigger -

Phineas and Ferb

Ferb -

Perry the Platypus -

Jack Skellington -

Captain Hook -

Hades -

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