Saturday, October 15, 2011

Slow week for Stitch’s Adventure Club

So after a week chock full of excitement with the Blue Angels, we had no excitement this week for Stitch. We did head to the Disney Store this week to pick up the latest Disney Movie to come out, Lion King, while be on the lookout for new Disney Store Stitch swag. They had the standard plush, a Stitch sippy, and a Christmas ornament. If you are a huge fan of Stitch, you will have noticed that the current Christmas ornament of Stitch (Elvis Stitch) is the exact same ornament that we featured in a blog a couple years ago, except with a different tag. We Stitch fans must demand high quality Stitch items, loudly and often. But if you do not own the ornament it is definitely a must have for your collection and at $10.50 an okay price for a holiday ornament. We would have just preferred a new style for our beloved Stitch.

Coming up in a future blog, we are trying to come up with some fun filled seasonal themed items or adventures.

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