Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stitch saw the Blue Angels

On Sunday, October 8, 2011, Stitch snuck onto the tarmac at SFO (not really but doesn’t that sound a lot more exciting than was an invited guest with his handler? Lol). SFO (San Francisco International Airport) is where the Blue Angels were parked for the 2011 Family Day event, hosted by United Airlines, which is connected with 2011 Fleet Week in San Francisco . United is a long and proud sponsor of Fleet Week and this year they hosted a celebration at SFO for friends and family. The exact details are really unknown, but Stitch is definitely a friend.

During this event, there was a plane pull, clowns, classic cars, and some classic painted planes from United and Continental. Stitch got to see the Blue Angels do their prep to the planes and the ceremony they do before they take off. After they came back to the airport, Stitch and Scorch waited patiently to get near a Blue Angel (Scorch wanted an autograph). This year represented 100 years of Naval Aviation for the U.S. Navy and was the 30th Anniversary of San Francisco's Fleet Week. A great time was had by all for at this awesome event.

United is an unofficial airlines of Stitch’s Adventure Club and no promotional consideration was given. We just like them and travel them a lot. That economy plus is really a bonus. We fly other airlines like Delta, Continental, American, and Southwest, but we have had our better experiences with United and Continental (which happen to be related now).

Stitch's Adventure Club would also like to take a moment to thank the Blue Angel's for just being their awesome selves, but also for all of the men and women service members who they represent that are equally awesome and protect our freedoms here and abroad everyday. We don't take on any political affiliation (just a photo op here and there) but we do support are peeps. Thanks for your sacrifice service members.

Stitch pictured with the United Air Lines signage on one of the hangers.

Stitch pictured with Fat Albert and plane 1 and 2 of the Blue Angels squadron in the background.

Stitch pictured with a 2011 Blue Angel in the background, Capt. Edward Jorge, USMC, c-130 Pilot. He pilots Fat Albert. He was extremely polite to my handler.

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