Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stitch likes souvenir photos too

Stitch is just like any human and likes the occasional souvenir photo. Since he is smaller than most humans we can make him fit certain scenes better. The typical souvenir photos can be anything from a photo background where you take a photo in front of a generic picture or taken with a green screen in the background and the photo booth operators place a background of our choosing.

At All-Star fest 2007 there were lots of ops for souvenir photos. Also at Walt Disney World during special events there are also unique photo opportunities. We at the Stitch’s Adventure Club thought we would share a couple of our favorites from the vaults. Unfortunately Stitch has been playing on the computer again and rearranged our organizational system. So for now we can only show you our favs from all-star fest 2007. Stitch was naughty this week. Tsk tsk Stitch.

And a special note, all TM and Copyrights are of the respective brands. These were just normal souvie pix that anyone there could have obtained. We just obtained them with Stitch in his baseball uniform.

This was a souvenir photo that was an actual postcard. Courtesy of Upper Deck Card Company. Wrangler Scorch doesn't like her photo taken, so Stitch got this awesome postcard.

An Actual Baseball Card. It is two sided, but we didn't capture the second side for this blog. This is Pitcher Stitch from Kauai.

Any Slugger or All Star needs to be on the front of a Wheaties Box. Here is Stitch on the Wheaties Box!

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