Sunday, May 4, 2014

Star Wars fun Disney Store and Toyrsus style “May the Fourth Be with You!”

Stitch was a busy little alien this weekend.  It was a fun filled weekend of comics and Star Wars.
First, it was Free Comic Book Day.  Free comic Book Day is always the first Saturday in May.  Who doesn’t love a free comic book?

After free comic books, Stitch had to take advantage of the big Star Wars hoopla.  Saturday Stitch headed over to Toys R Us to claim his free Mini X-Wing and TIE fighter at the LEGO Star Wars Building Event. He went home to build and play with his Star Wars Lego and then rested up for his big day the following day.

May 4th, May the Fourth Be With You.  Stitch woke up especially early to dress in his Jedi attire to participate in a full day of activities at his favorite Disney Store, Store #626. Woot! Woot!

Starting out his adventure he waited in line for a special edition free pin given out to the first 100 guests. Now just to be clear, Stitch actually needs a special human proxy to obtain such items, so that is the job of his human Stitch Wrangler, Wrangler Scorch.  Never fear, Wrangler Scorch is always ready for the job waiting and addressing Stitch’s every need, including being a photographer and holding back Stitch’s most obsessive fans.

After receiving the special edition pin, Stitch headed to the area of Plush Mountain to prepare for his Jedi Training.

After receiving sufficient training for Jedi Knight Trainer Jaye and Brittany, Stitch had a light saber battle with Jedi Knight Trainer Brittany and Jedi Knight Ivette.  And for the record, no humans or aliens were harmed during any Jedi battles.  It was just fun practice for Jedi training.

Stitch plays with his TRU lego set X-wing and Tie fighter

Waiting patiently outside the Disney Store to get his pin.
Stitch waiting as the magic opening is happening.  "Let the Magic Begin!"

Stitch with Chewy

Stitch with his medal after Jedi Training

Stitch in a light saber practice battle with Jedi Knight trainer Brittany

Practice battle TWO.  Light Saber battle with Jedi Knight Ivette
Stitch shot with light saber and mickey sillouette at Disney Store 626.

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