Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stitch’s Adventure Club’s FIRST Mission Failure: Disney Store NorthPark Center in Dallas,Texas

We at Stitch’s Adventure Club debated for a few days whether or not we wanted or were going to blog about this experience of our FIRST Mission failure.  After much thought, we decided to do so.  We decided we wanted to accentuate how long we have been successful at what we do (whether we have blogged about all of them or not) and re-enforce we are the best at what we do as Stitch Wranglers and Disney / Stitch fans.

Stitch and his Wranglers have done thousands of adventures and missions and met numerous celebrities for 12 years. TWELVE. Twelve years is a long time for having a 100% success rate. We have never been denied access or told no. Most folks are willing participants, after a little magical persuasion, in our adventures, which makes this Disney experience all the more upsetting.  Stitch has gone on the 50th Anniversary Disneyland hot air balloon, met Cal Ripken Jr., Barbara Walters, Michael Phelps, Willie Nelson, rode big giant tortoises, Captained part of the very first Disney Cruise Line Panama Canal voyage, met Disney Store Vice President, Jonathan Storey (who helped with some Stitch Wrangling duties at a new Disney Store opening in California  and we consider him an Honorary Stitch Wrangler and friend of Stitch) and many many other crazy things, plus we have the photographs to prove it!  We figured someday Stitch and his Wranglers would fail a mission, but we never guessed it would be with a Disney entity, EVER.

Well on May 8, 2014, Disney Store NorthPark Center  in Dallas, Texas helped us get to our “First time in FOREVER” mission failure. We are extremely upset about this and are dwelling about it, for now. But after his blog we will let Jedi Stitch handle the rest.

This is the story:

Stitch Wranglers arrived 20-30 minutes before the store opening and were first outside the Disney Store, going outside of their original non-Stitch Wrangling adventures to see if Jedi Stitch could open the store.  Opening the Store, means actually getting to do the magical opening, so Stitch can touch the key, turn the key, etc... We do this for photo ops and souvenirs of our adventures to scrapbook (in the event Stitch has done a task with reward multiple times, a duplicate of said reward goes to one of his team of Wrangler’s as a thank you for helping with his adventures—there are a handful of Official Stitch Wranglers out there that don’t get to experience some things and Stitch likes to spread around the wealth of treasures). One of our Stitch Wranglers asked the opening Cast Member if Stitch could open the store (and let’s face it, this means assistance from a human Wrangler—we always have a Wrangler behind the alien), they said yes, but when it came time to do so, their imagination obviously left the building and selected another to do the opening.

We always thought Disney Stores were supposed to be magical for ALL of their guests (that is how we always did it-as former Disney Store Cast Member(s) we know and understand the standard) because as Walt Disney once said “Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."  But I guess at NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas they feel they shouldn't be all out magical to blue aliens and their adult wranglers who write, share a blog and create magical experiences for adults and children everywhere (even many Disney Cast Members).  Epic FAIL.

Thank you Disney Store NorthPark Center for being our FIRST (and hopefully ONLY) mission failure.  It was bound to happen eventually, I guess, but after 12 years of doing adventures, we are sad and surprised that it was with Disney and not a celebrity that thinks we are CRAZY.

Jedi Stitch has used his Jedi Mind tricks to erase this dis-enchanted experience and location from his memory banks, choosing only to re-collect all of his former and future experiences of AWESOME.

Some of his past experiences of AWESOME include:

-Being touched by US Secret Service and President Clinton (we only have an autographed mini shirt as proof of this experience--Secret Service would not allow cameras to record the experience)
-Piloting the Disney Magic during the Inaugural Cruise of the Panama Canal (Stitch Wranglers were not allowed where Stitch went. Crew members escorted our favorite alien with Wrangler cameras).
-Being taken backstage at Walt Disney World to see the Disney MGM Studios Water Tower up close for a final time before the name change (Stitch Wranglers were not allowed behind the scenes with Stitch)
-Being on a flight of the 50th Anniversary Golden Mickey Hot Air Balloon in New Mexico
-Traveling to Key West Florida and meeting the famous Hemingway Cats
- Riding on a Giant Tortoise
- Cruising South Beach, Florida
- Multiple Disney Store events
And many more

Famous Encounters with:

Willie Nelson
Rachel Ray
Barbara Walters
Anne Geddes (photographer)
Olympian Michael Phelps
Olympian Al Joyner
Olympian Natalie Coughlin
Olympian Dara Torres
Cal Ripken Jr. (retired baseball player)
Vida Blue (retired baseball player)
Sharon Robinson (author and daughter of the legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson)
Jeff Bagwell (retired baseball player)
Jim Deschaies (retired baseball player and radio broadcaster)
Bud Norris (baseball player)
Delta Burke
Bob Saget (star of Full House and comedian)
Boys II Men
Delilah (radio personality)
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Stan Lee (yes of Marvel Comic fame, THE STAN LEE)
Mack Brown former coach of the Texas Longhorns
Chef Curtis Stone
Chef Martin Yan
Zack Efron
Lea Thompson (of Back to the Future and Caroline in the City fame)
Jaime Lee Curtis
Anne Rice (author of the Vampire Chronicles)
And many many more

Jedi Stitch in the face of adversity.

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