Monday, May 12, 2014

Hot Topic Has Cool Stitch Merchandise – Hurry to Stores!

Good day Stitch fans.  There is a great merchandise opportunity for Stitch fans out there that we recently found out about and wanted to share.  You have to hurry to stores though because items are hard to find and are selling out quickly, in stores and online.

Hot Topic has recently received Disney Stitch items for adults and we are totally excited about it. Some of the items include: Two varieties of Seat Belt pant belts, cosmetic bag (which can be used for things other than cosmetics- like cords or pin trading pins), a hobo bag with Stitch’s big face on it, a lanyard, and ID zip cord, a phone wallet, lip gloss, 3 small buttons and 1 large Elvis Stitch button, a little doll that resembles a voo doo type doll, adult t-shirts, and two different varieties of large stickers.  This is all we found, but there could have been more.  We got on the train late. :(

Aloha for now, Stitch fans!

Screen Capture of Hot Topic Stitch Merchandise on 5/12/2014

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