Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Stitch Balloon Art with featured Balloon Artist Jasper from Jasper & Costello

Stitch’s Adventure Club loves to promote cool and local artists that have done Stitch themed work for us in our travels. We have run across another Balloon artist who was daring enough to be placed on the spot, out of their comfort zone, creating our favorite Disney Character, Stitch with balloons; Jasper, from Jasper & Costello Entertainment.

Stitch really is a difficult character with his interesting angles and such, so we always like to throw out the challenge and see if we have takers.

Today in Cedar Park, Texas, South Austin Balloon Twisting artist Jasper, took the challenge and did an excellent rendition of Stitch, for his very first time.  We really do appreciate him taking the time for our little challenge.  He was super nice and excellent with children, and did some very cool versions of Mickey Mouse and Tinker bell as well.

Thank you, balloon twisting artist Jasper for taking the time to figure out how to create Stitch with balloons and creating one for us. His photos and story will last forever.

If you live in the Central Texas area and you are in need of a balloon artist, check out Jasper and his crew.

Jasper & Costello Entertainment 512-800-5597. You can also find them on BlogSpot

We were going to show you the live photos we took, but Stitch got a little carried away with the phone.  So we had to take some with another camera.  Stitch has to calm his badness level down and give back our phone sometime., right? :)

Balloon Stitch - Full body

Balloon Stitch -  Close up of his face

Balloon Stitch with Stitch.

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